The Epic Idea Hive Extravagansa.

In Wingham Ontario were talking to J.H Kerr school in Snow Lake, Manitoba.  I’m William and I am part of the idea hive. The Idea Hive is a place where we work on problems together.  We’re working on a survey and a photo contest during school hours.  I’m most like Riley because we both like Call Of Duty. Kelly and I both like Mythbusters. Westley and I both like Dumbest Stuff on Wheels.Riley Emily and I all like The big bang theory.

Something  unique about me is that i am the only one that likes Skrillex.

Mercedes and I both like Spongebob.

Most of the students in Wingham, Ontario and Snow Lake, Manitoba have dogs.

Here is a list of people who have dogs: Katie, Taelor K  Zach and gamer 99.

     Thanks for Reading! 🙂